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Token Distribution

100M total supply of Truflation tokens have been generated December 2022 and partially distributed.
30% is reserved to help provide token liquidity to DEXs and CEXs during listing. Truflation tokens are already available on Uniswap and will be listed on CEXs in the future.
30% is reserved for the community giveaways and rewards to the our future data contributors and token holders. 160k Truflation token has already been distributed to the early supporters through Unvest where they have been vested for 1 year, to be released 25 Dec 2023. The interim Xmas tokens are not tradable but transferable.
5% of the community tokens have been reserved for the Chainlink Build program where the tokens will be distributed by Chainlink to the Chainlink community at the time and in the manner decided by Chainlink.
18% of all tokens have been reserved for the Team. Those tokens are cliffed for 1 year and vested for 2 years (they will be released gradually over 2 year time).
12% have been reserved for the private VC sale and locked for 1 year. Not all tokens have been sold in the previous private sale rounds. Some tokens have already been unlocked. 5% of the sold tokens unlocked at the token generation event in December 2022. The remaining 95% is cliffed and vested.
The last 10% is reserved for further product development costs. It is cliffed, and vested.
TFI tokens emissions presented in the graph: