Data Categories

The CPI assigns a large variety of subcategories to a few main categories:
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Medical Care
  • Education
  • Personal items
We changed some categories and reassigned subcategories to reflect consumer budgets more accurately (Table 1). It affected their weights in the basket, as follows:
The Truflation Index data categories and subcategories and their monthly relative importance (September 2021).
As of Jun 8, 2022 we also moved from the 6 major CPI categories to 12 categories of price information offered by our expenditures data provider.
It allows us to offer higher data granularity and more insights into difference price indexes, and at the same time allows Truflation to scale globally, as the expenditure data for the 12 categories are collected worldwide.
The update allows Truflation to move away from the outdated BLS data from 2019-2020 and substitute them with wider range and less delayed weights from 2021.