Categories & Weights

The CPI assigns a large variety of subcategories into 12 main categories:
We reassigned some of the BLS CPI subcategories to different category groups to better reflect those categories.
Using 12 categories as opposed to the 6 categories used by the govt CPI allows us to offer higher data granularity and more insights into difference price indexes, and at the same time allows Truflation to scale globally, as the expenditure data for the 12 categories are collected worldwide.
Truflation also uses its own relative importance/data weights substituting the BLS weights with wider, more robust and methodologically diverse consumer trends that are also more current. We use 2021 data for 2022 index and will introduce 2022 data for the 2023 indexes.
The US index data weights for 2022 index.
The UK index data weights for 2022 index.