Oracle FAQ

Is the Truflation Oracle free?

Calling the data from the Truflation oracle costs 1 LINK ~$15 (as of March 2022) and is available via the Chainlink marketplace. It also requires users to perform transactions and pay related transaction GAS fees on the Ethereum network.

Do I need a license to use the Truflation Oracle?

Any project and product can use our data available on Chainlink to promote and develop the DeFi space. The Truflation Oracle doesn’t require any specific licenses. However, users need to be able to create a smart contract to call/request the data feed from the Chainlink ecosystem.

How often are the data points updated?

The Truflation Oracle uses a custom Truflation Index updated daily (once a day except for the 15th of each month when new data sources are incorporated into the index).

Is the Truflation Oracle decentralized?

Our Oracle uses the Chainlink's decentralized ecosystem. The Truflation Index is calculated from commercial data APIs obtained from various market data providers both data generators and data aggregators. The index itself is calculated locally and fed to Chainlink through our API.