1.0.9 (8-June 2022)

Monthly report on Medium and Blog
Added 1 new provider: Consumer expenditure data for new data weighing.
The impact on the YoY % rate: -1.20%

1.0.8. (16-May-2022)

Monthly report on Medium.
Added 1 new provider1: AAA Gas Prices to 1 category: Transportation (Gasoline all types)
The impact on the YoY % rate: +0.01%

1.0.7. (10-May-2022)

Avalanche nodes launched on

1.0.6. (27-Apr-2022)

BNB Chain and Polygon nodes launched on
Testing BnB and Polygon contracts.

1.0.5 (20-Apr-2022)

Monthly report on Medium.
Added 3 new providers (NielsenIQ, Zillow, Trulia) for 2 categories: Food and Rent
Altogether added >75million SKUs 10million items
The impact on the YoY % rate: -0.38%


Fixed the data fetching algorithm for gasoline and energy prices.
The monthly inflation number query changed from the 1st to the last of the month.
Public dashboard launched.

1.0.3. (15-Mar-2022)

Monthly report on Medium.
2 new data providers for used cars.
1 new dada provider for new cars.
Index coverage >59%
The impact on the YoY % rate: +0.37%

1.0.2 (09-Feb-2022)

Monthly report on Medium
Improved QC processes (flagging outliers, missing data, repeat data, etc.)
Allow the historical data to be rewritten when the providers change their data or model.
Add the acquisition timestamp to all new data records.
Fix the food data algorithm
Fix 3 minor errors in relative importance weights
Divide the Rent subcategory into Owners and Tenants rent. Divide Energy commodities into 3 subcategories.
The impact on the YoY % rate: -0.7%

1.0.1 (17-Jan-2022)

Relaunch of the Chainlink adapter
Launch of a Chainlink Node and a Rinkeby Node
Addition of used cars data from Cargurus
Index coverage >55%

1.0 (30-Nov-2021)

Launch of the inflation index API and the 1st Chainlink Adapter
Data coverage ~53% of the CPI basket by the relative importance
Categories exchanged: food, energy and utilities, rent
Relative importance: chained-CPI for September (reported November by the BLS)