What is Truflation

Truflation aggregates, calculates and publishes the first daily, unbiased, real-market inflation and economic data.
We also make our data available on-chain via the Chainlink infrastructure making them directly compatible with various DeFi products and Web3 applications.
Our mission is to offer the most objective, decentralized, and current economic and financial information alternative in the form of on-chain price indexes to enable a new generation of blockchain products.
Good to know: Truflation won a $100k inflation challenge by Chainlink and 1729 to build the first decentralized, on-chain, censorship-resistant inflation dashboard.
It's crucial to not simply reject the establishment, but to build something better. The only truly persuasive critique is a constructive one.
Our long-term goal is helping people understand the current economic situation and navigate through a challenging macroeconomic landscape.
We also create developer tools that help propel DeFi into the new era of inflation-proof products and economy of independently verifiable data.
Good to know: Truflation offers a free, public data dashboard with our current daily and monthly inflation rates, and price indexes for 6 CPI categories.
Last modified 1mo ago